Farm Yields Continue to Soften

Market Rentals for Sheep and Beef farms continue to show a softening. Our analysis indicates farm rental yields of between 2.7% to 4.2% for 2018 with an average of 3.3%. Following on from strong commodity returns in 2018 this will be interesting to see whether farm rentals increase in 2019.




January 14, 2019 at 8:16 am

Orchard Land Values Remain Steady

Orchard land values remain steady with good returns being achieved from 2018 crop. Key points include:

  • Favourable 2017/18 season with steady levels of production and large fruit size.
  • Strong off-shore demand particularly due to the northern hemisphere markets which are low in volume due to climatic events overseas reducing supply. This is resulting in good demand from the European markets. In addition there is continued demand from Asian markets with strong prices being achieved.
  • Some 45-50% of total production comes from club varieties which expected to increase as more plantings come on stream in regards to production.
  • Risk going forward is whether NZ can maintain the premium prices being achieved with competition from other nations in regards to their own club varieties.

November 16, 2018 at 7:01 am

Agribusiness Rural Valuer wins Future Leader role

[This post was first published on the Beef and Lamb website on 9 August 2018]

As a rural valuer and farmer George Macmillan has insights into many aspects of the agricultural industry.

Based in the Hawkes Bay, he lives close to his family’s 380ha sheep and beef farm south west of Hastings and has recently taken over the lease of a 50ha block. As a foot in the door towards land ownership, he will use the block to grow out the dairy cross beef calves he rears every year to heavier weights and will possibly finish a small number.

George, along with Northland farmer Mack Talbot Lynn, has been appointed a Beef + Lamb New Zealand Future Leader and will represent New Zealand at the International Beef Alliance conference in Canada in September.

He is particularly interested to see how other beef producing nations are dealing with trade wars and the emergence of alternative proteins.

George describes the leadership role as a great opportunity to gain an understanding of how NZ beef production fits in the global beef scene and where future beef opportunities may lie for NZ producers.

Locally, one issue concerning George is the growing urban rural divide and an unwarranted animosity towards farming.

“I think generally farmers are in the game because of their love for the environment and animals.

“It’s frustrating to see a small number of farmers who do not hold these values, tarnish the image of farming in the media and contribute to a growing divide.”

He believes as a sector, agriculture needs to keep highlighting the good stories to our urban population so they can understand how farming works and see the good work being done.

George has lived in both urban and rural areas so has an understanding of both worlds.  As part of his OE, he lived in London where he held a job as an asset manager at Gatwick Airport in the commercial property team, looking after a £600 million asset portfolio.

He followed this up with a similar role at a London Council, responsible for monitoring and service delivery of the asset management portfolio where he satisfyingly overhauled a large number of underperforming assets. Returning to New Zealand, the Lincoln-University graduate returned to rural valuing, a job which takes him all over the country-side and gives him access to a variety of businesses and people.

“Every week I see a whole range of enterprises and systems and meet some great characters.”

When not doing his day job, George spends time on the family farm which finishes around 500 bulls in a techno system and runs 700 breeding ewes. All of the ewes are put to a terminal sire and the lambs finished. Replacement two-tooths and mixed-age ewes are bought in as required.

George says his father does all the day-to-day farm work while he helps out with cultivation, computer work and at peak labour periods.

Receiving only 700-800mm, the farm is summer dry, but it is early country so the farm system is set-up to exploit this early season growth.

The farm has a balance of flat, easy rolling and steep gully systems and stock is matched to the land use capability and soil conditions.

International Beef Alliance

The International Beef Alliance (IBA) represents the beef producing organisations of seven of the world’s largest beef producers and exporters. They are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay and New Zealand. Overall the members represent around 63 percent of global trade in beef.

The Alliance provides a platform to address issues of importance to all seven members such as trade liberalisation, developing sustainable farming systems and engaging effectively with young leaders to build a strong and profitable global beef industry.

A recent example of IBA collaboration was making on submission on the EU proposal to split WTO tariff rate quotas, a proposal that is of significant commercial interest to IBA Members.

The submission outlined how splitting the quotas would compromise the quality and quantity of quotas. It encouraged the EU to approach this task in the spirit of greater trade liberalization and work with trading partners to come to a mutually beneficial solution that overcomes these challenges.

October 10, 2018 at 9:00 am

Capital Gains Rural Land – Sheep and Beef Farms

Recent analysis on capital gains for Sheep and Beef farms over 200ha in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand show land growth of 3% over the last 5 years from 2013 to 2017. This is a decline from long term averages.

For further information on the above information or for any of your rural valuation needs in contact George Macmillan.

September 7, 2018 at 2:20 pm

Welcome Cameron Walker

CDW Cameron has recently joined us after completing his Bachelor of AgriCommerce at Massey University at the end of 2016. Cameron grew up in the Manawatu and has gained practical experience in the sheep and beef industry from several years of part time work on various farming businesses.

Cameron is committed to becoming a valuable member of the team – aiming to become registered within three years.  He is also continuing study at Massey University for a Master of AgriCommerce.

April 21, 2017 at 11:03 am

Variable Order Sharemilker or Farm Manager Position – Taranaki

After 10 very successful years the sharemilkers at Faull Farms, Tikorangi, Taranaki have decided to retire 31 May 2017.

The award winning Faull Farms are looking for a high calibre, leading edge, high achieving farm management focussed variable order sharemilker or farm manager with drive, energy, initiative and vision to take Faull Farms into the next stage of expansion and development.

The owners of Faull Farms are committed to the dairy industry and have developed a high profile state of the art operation over the past 15 years.

Faull Farms have the largest single unit dairy investment operation in Taranaki and will continue to invest in technology, management systems and property to maintain its state of the art positioning and also to continue to develop a sustainable and successful dairy operation.

The successful candidate will need to display the same commitment, enthusiasm and vision as Faull Farms.

The candidate must be a self-starter and possess:

  • Energy, drive and a very positive ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Have experience in large herd management and intensive farming systems including excellent supplementary feed management skills.
  • Have experience with and knowledge of agricultural computer and farm measurement systems.
  • Have strong large herd management skills.
  • Experience in pasture management and growth monitoring.
  • Strong people management skills.
  • Strong verbal, written and personal communication skills.
  • Strong cropping and pasture development experience.
  • A strong commitment to sustainable environmental dairy farming practices.
  • The ability to work in and lead a team environment with consultant and owner input.

This is a long term appointment of at least 5-7 years and will include incentives based on Key Performance Indicators.

The farm retains consultants from Intelact and will retain operational consultants so the farm has very positive and strong management leadership.

The Auckland based Directors of Faull Farms (Gavin M Faull and Oliver R Faull) are directly involved in the day to day management and the successful candidate must be able to communicate regularly with the management and administrative support team in Auckland.

This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of dairy farming development in New Zealand and take Faull Farms to its next level of development and expansion.

A full fact sheet on the farm detailing size, cow numbers, production statistics etc. is available by contacting the General Manager and Director Mr Oliver Faull based in Auckland on or mobile +64 21 08114178 landline 09 5246023

Prospective candidates should file a two page memorandum setting out their personal credentials as to why they believe they are the best person(s) for the position.

A short list of candidates will be interviewed in November 2016.

Applications with full details including references, other supporting documentation and the two page memorandum must be submitted as soon as possible.

November 11, 2016 at 2:12 pm

Ruataniwha Plains Dairy Farm Sale – Terrybank

Terrybank sold by negotiation in March 2016 and was marketed by Pat Portas of Property Brokers.  Situated on Paget Road in Ashley Clinton, Terrybank is a 183 hectare dairy property with a recently constructed 36-aside herringbone, sold in conjunction with a further 34 hectare runoff block situated one kilometre up the road.  The property has a good array of farm buildings; is predominantly flat contour with some small medium country toward the rear of the main dairy block.  An interesting aspect of this sale is it was sold with a water contract to take approximately 500,000m³ of water if the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme proceeds.  It is understood this was well received by the market with none of the potential purchasers raising concern about this water contract.  Analysis of the sale is based on an average efficient system producing approximately 175,000kg milk solids with the property selling for approximately $29/MS.  This illustrates good interest for dairy in the local market given consideration of the wider issues currently surrounding the dairy industry.

March 14, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Farm Sale – Manaroa

Marketed by Doug Smith of PGG Wrightson, Manaroa sold at auction on 26 November 2015.  Situated on Puketitiri Road, Manaroa is a 514.5 hectare property of which an estimated 411 hectares are considered effective.  The property has a good residence and array of farm buildings.  A large proportion of the property is of near flat contour with the balance effective area being medium contour.  The steeper portions of the property are primarily in QEII, Pinus radiata or bush and fenced off from the effective area.  This sale illustrates there is still good demand for good quality sheep and beef properties in Hawke’s Bay.

December 4, 2015 at 3:25 pm

Farm Sale – “Springbush”

“Springbush” marketed by Doug Smith of PGG Wrightson, sold at auction on Thursday 20 August 2015.  Situated on Atua Road in Elsthorpe, this is a 357 hectare property of which approximately 315 hectares is effective.  Improvements include a 2006 four bedroom dwelling with office, situated on an elevated site with views over the farm.  The majority of the land is near flat to easy contour with a small area of steeper hill country to the rear.  Much of the property has been re-grassed in recent years with good fertiliser history.  The property also has good infrastructure in place including water system, yards and farm buildings.  The property was purchased by adjoining owners for $4.575M.  This sale further cements the strong land values for sheep and beef properties in Hawke’s Bay at present.

August 21, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Dunloe – Sold at Auction

Dunloe marketed by Colliers International sold at auction on Thursday 30 July 2015.  Dunloe is a 314 hectare bull beef unit located on Waihau Road, Waihau, some 42-45km from Napier/Hastings.  A feature of the property is its very good balance of near flat to easy contoured hill country together with areas of some steeper sidlings.  Some 30 hectares of steeper gully areas have been established in mid-term Pinus radiata.  Building improvements include a comfortable four bedroom dwelling, four-stand wool shed, deer shed, implement shed, hay barn and other sundry buildings.  Stock handling facilities include a set of cattleyards.

The property was purchased at auction by an adjoining owner for $4M.  This sale continues the trend of good market prices for pastoral properties in the Hawke’s Bay locality.

July 31, 2015 at 3:40 pm

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